Updates on the book blockade

Manuel L. Quezon III has updated his timeline of the book blockade, and, in his column today, points out that by imposing duties on imported books, the Department of Finance (DOF) has effectively debunked the Rizal Law.

He has also compiled a great deal of data on Filipino readership, which includes the results of the 2007 National Book Development Board Readership Survey. An entry on bootleg books in Vietnam by Kenneth Yu of Philippine Genre Stories should prove to be an interesting companion piece. (Incidentally, blogger and Member of Parliament Jeff Ooi said that books are tax-deductible in Malaysia.)

Bahay Talinghaga provides an incisive critique of DOF Department Order 17-09, the so-called clarificatory guidelines regarding the importation of books, the circumstances leading to the issuance of which, as I’ve pointed out, DOF officials can’t even get straight.

Meanwhile, if you happen to be on Twitter, you can participate in making the book blockade a trending topic.

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